Celebrate the New Year!


Two or three firecrackers came into the window and were surprised to see the beginning of the new year. The Spring Festival is the beginning of the year, the Lunar New Year, and the traditional "Year of the Year". The Spring Festival has a long history and evolved from the ancient ritual activities of the ancient times. Its origins contain rich and profound human and natural cultural connotations.

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Festival Origin

The early festival culture reflects the ancient people's natural worship, the harmony between man and nature, the pursuit of the future, and the humanistic spirit of the source of the book; a series of ritual activities contain the profound cultural connotation of ritual and music civilization.

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Festival Development

The earliest age of the ancient folks refers to the "Spring Begins" in the twenty-four solar terms. In the historical development and evolution, due to changes in the calendar, the New Year (the first year) has been adjusted on the date. The Chinese New Year, the date of setting is not consistent: the ancient times (the era of the ancient country): the first day of the "image of the handle". (Dry branch calendar, Haoyue, Lichun) Xia Shang Zhou: Xia Dynasty takes spring January as the first month, Shang Dynasty takes winter December as the first month, and Zhou Dynasty takes winter November as the first month. (Lunar calendar) After Emperor Qin Shihuang unified the six countries, it was stipulated that october is the first month of winter.

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Folk Tradition

The annual festival is an ancient festival in China and the most important festival in the whole year. In the historical development, some relatively fixed customs and habits have been formed, many of which have been passed down to this day. During the Spring Festival, the celebrations are extremely diverse. There are lion dances, floating colors, dragons, gods, boats, years, fireworks, stilts, dry boats, twisting songs, and so on. During the Spring Festival, Spring Festival couplets, Guardian Years, Group dinners, New Year's Eve, etc. are all available, but because of the different customs, the subtleties have their own characteristics. Sacrifices to gods and worship ancestors and customs are prevalent in the southern coastal areas, inheriting ancient customs, and there are many grand sacred activities held during the Spring Festival.

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Notice of Holidays

RISITA company holiday arrangements: February 1st, 2019 to February 13th, 2019, resumed normal work on February 14th, I wish you all a happy Spring Festival, everything goes well, all the best!