RISITA Company Wishes Everyone Happy Winter Solstice


The day and night personnel reminder, the Winter Solstice Yang Shengchun is coming again! As the saying goes: "The Winter Solstice is as big as the year", the Winter Solstice is not only an important solar terms in the 24th solar terms, but also a traditional festival of the Chinese nation.


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After the Winter Solstice, although the sun is gradually rising, but the time of daylight is still shorter than the night, the amount of heat lost every day is still greater than the heat received, still "not enough to make ends meet" status. And by the "three nine days", the heat is the least, the temperature is the lowest, and the weather is the coldest. The folks refer to the Winter Solstice as "crossing nine" or "several nine", that is, from the Winter Solstice, this is a "nine" every nine days, divided into nine "nine", a total of nine hundred and ninety-one days. After 81 days, it will enter the spring. The slang and jingles of Jiujiu are not only a summary of people's experience of climate over the years, but also a hope for spring in the harsh winter   season.

Today, we will enter the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice day is also the shortest day in the northern hemisphere and the longest day in the dark. After that, the daylight grows longer, so there is a saying that "the winter maiden meal is eaten, the day is long, and the Winter Solstice is yang." The Winter Solstice is also the earliest determined solar terms. "Winter is longer than the age" and "the Winter Solstice is as big as the year". It is also a festival that the ancients most value.


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Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is an important solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar, commonly known as "Winter Festival", "Long to the Festival", "Asian Age" and so on.

The Winter Solstice has a long history. People call the Winter Solstice a small year, because the Zhou Dynasty is the first month in November, and the New Year is the first year of the Winter Solstice. The Qin and Han dynasties continue to follow its system. In the Han Dynasty, the Winter Solstice was renamed "Winter Festival" and "Day of the Sun". From the Southern and Northern Dynasties to the Tang and Song Dynasties, the Winter Solstice was called "Asian Year" or "Year of the Year".


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Winter Solstice folk custom

"The Winter Solstice is not a dumpling bowl, and the ear is frozen." The dumpling was originally called "Jiao Er" and is a traditional special dish that is loved by the Chinese people. In the Winter Solstice season, dumplings have become an indispensable dish. The Winter Solstice to the dumplings and dumplings are full of warmth.

There is a cloud in ancient poetry: "The family is glutinous rice to make dumplings, and it is known as the Winter Solstice of the Ming Dynasty." This custom is very common in the Jiangnan area. "Circle" means "reunion" and "consummation". The Winter Solstice is called "Winter Solstice". The dumplings can be used to worship the ancestors, and can also be used to exchange gifts with relatives and friends.

Finally, RISITA Company wishes everyone a happy Winter Solstice, good health and good career. The last solar term in 2018, remember to eat dumplings!